Bridal teaparty

It’s been a long time since I last blogged!

A while back I planned a bridal tea party for my bridesmaid and my sister.


That’s a picture of me having so much fun!

To prepare for this party I made bridesmaids binders for each girl, each personalized and detailed on everything they should know. I ordered bridesmaid tee shirts. Then my made of honor and I made wedding themed cookies. We placed all these goodies in a gift bag and each girl got one at the end of the tea party. There were two missing so I mailed them a box with tea bags and the gifts the other girls received.


The finished product! 20131006-172217.jpg

The tea party was at Veronica’s doll house, which is an amazing place that hosts tea party’s. It’s really cute and inside is made to look like a doll house.

To start the tea party we all were able to choose these beautiful hats that helped us get in to character. There were party games and yummy tea sandwiches.

I love my bridesmaids and can’t wait for the big day!
Here is the info if you are interested
website to dollhouse







Will you be my bridesmaids?

My best friends are my backbone. Each one has their purpose. I’ve been friends with each for a long time. So I wanted this to be special and unique.


For this project I went to my local dollar store= dollar tree. Inside the box was an invitation to my bridal tea party and a ring pop.

Danielle- she is my sidekick, we do everything together. She came over my house on a Sunday to go to the gym. We drove my car to the gym and my sister filled her car with balloons. When we got back I surprised her!

Melissa- she is my relationship therapist. For her I surprised her with balloons at work.

Milla- she is my go to girl. For her, I had a friend take her out while I filled her room with balloons!

Mikie- she is my oldest and best friend. she was out of town so I shipped her proposal to her


Mimi- she is my oldest sister. For her I asked her w a cookie 🙂


I’m so excited for this wedding and I am so happy that I will have my best friends besides me.