Who needs a wedding planning book anyway?

My last post was a review of a wedding planning book. Honestly, I own 3 different kinds. Additionally, I plan using the knot and wedding wire  (both are great websites) however, I find that these books and websites don’t have exactly what I want. Its like I am constantly switching between sites, pages etc. I am a planning whore, I abuse Siri, I simultaneously use my iPad, iphone and mac to plan, I have a desk calendar,  a wall calendar and a hello kitty school planner. To top it off I have a million post it notes!! I know I have a problem….

Being frustrated with my wedding planning books I decided to make my own, this way I will have exactly what I wanted! Genius!! I started googling templates that I could use when I stumbled across a perfect! I mean AMAZING google doc! It had everything and it was customizable! I could make edits and save it on my google drive and I could even share the pages, and I could have other people edit it as well! It was like I found gold!!!


Here is the link to the google doc–>


Just click download template and you are GOLDEN


Trust me, if you are looking for a wedding planner this is the way to go.